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Did you ever visit a game of harness racing?

on JULY 7, 2013

Yesterday Warmond was home for the Dutch National championship. Sweaty horses did pass in front of you with 50 km/h!

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Reel Rock 7 is a good one

on OCTOBER 6, 2012

The Reel Rock Tour 7 did visit Holland tonight. Number 7 is not only a lucky number, it is also a good number. Chris Sharma and Adam Ondra are working on the hardest sport climbing routes of this world. The Shark's Fin is a tough cookie. No American climber did expect success by the Wide Boyz from England. And last, but not least Alex Honnold did show his way of climbing that is out of this world.

Check the trailer, but go to the movie afterwards (or buy the DVD). As an additional bonus, you'll learn a couple of good moves.

Reel rock

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Ubuntu on my Aspire One - Up and running for 2 days

on SEPTEMBER 26, 2012

My Acer Aspire One D270 is running with Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS for 2 days now. No issues, no problems, no crashes, no incidents, just working with a productive environment. I will add my experience with the install on my Aspire One page. Hope that can help anybody.

In hindsight I have waited too long with the purchase (note: is MeeGo sufficient?), and waited too long with the installation (note: can I brick my netbook?). I will write this down as 'lesson learned'. May save a couple of days for somebody else.

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Mixed feelings about my new Acer Aspire One

on SEPTEMBER 22, 2012

Screenshot Meego

The requirements for my new netbook were dead simple.

  • Plain text processing
  • Internet browser
  • All the usual netbook related hardware stuff (small, low weigth, good battery and so on)
  • Cheap
  • Linux would be great. Think Vim, Python and Git.
  • A good keyboard was a MUST-HAVE!

The Acer Aspire One was my final choice. The D270-26DKK has Linpus Linux Meego which adds to the PROS. It's Linux and was 50 euro less than the Windows counterparts. Also this version has 2 Gb of memory instead of the more usual 1 Gb. I have a Nokia N900 with Maemo. So, I do know the history of Moblin, Maemo, MeeGo and so on. Also, I do know MeeGo development is stopped. But on the other hand, the netbook is still available in a lot of webshops. This must be supported, right?

The answer is no. After unpacking the laptop I was still very happy. The hardware feels and looks good. The 3D lid is really, really beautiful. One push on the powerbutton and the Meego interface was bright and shining. That was an unpleasant surprise. The desktop is the one that I did know from the Meego site and not the one from the Linpus site. "Live update" had another unpleasant surprise. No additional applications available, and only one system update. Well, this stuff is appearently no longer supported.

After playing around for two days, I don't know what to think. I've found the shell, zypper (an alternative apt-get) and a couple of other things. I am now running Vim-gui which is great. Python 2.6 was available, zypper did install Git. SSH, sFTP is available. So, I do have a basic Linux machine and all my requirements are met. Unfortunaly the switch to another distro seems adventorous, but might be necessary within one year. Remember, the current Os (MeeGo, based on Fedora) is already one year old and will not be updated.

I still don't know what to think of this machine. Of course I'll using it for the things why I bought a netbook. My experience, information, lessons learned, work-arounds wil be added to this site. Let's see what I will think in a couple of months.

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Another update of my Chromebook

on SEPTEMBER 20, 2012

My Chromebook is becoming better and better with every update. I just don't know why.

Google does not distribute any documentation with the updates. I can not find changes.txt, versions.txt or readme.1st. The number of updates is quite high (I'm on the Test channel). I do discover new things all the time, but did they came with the latest release, or longer ago?

In the beginning I did send bug reports. Writing a good report took considerable time. I did accept that Google never gave any personal feedback (probably, I was one of the hunderds (thousands? hunderd of thousands?) participants. But now I have stopped with this effort. If I don't know what is happening on my Chromebook, I don't gonna report about my Chromebook.

I'm sure Google don't need my help. Just wondering what happens if more people stop reporting.

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Mixed feelings about my new Acer Aspire One

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